Larry Swartz


Larry grew up attending farm auctions with his father. He is  located near Gettysburg, conducting auctions in the south central area of Pennsylvania. Larry has conducted auctions ranging from antiques, collectibles, household items, cattle, farm equipment, and real estate.

Larry conducts several benefit auctions each year to support charitable organizations and was recently awarded the “Adams County Partner in 4-H” award for his work with the Adams Co 4-H livestock sale and the 4-H fall sale. Licensed and bonded in Pennsylvania.  License number AU5624


Graduated with honors from Harrisburg Area Community College auctioneer program. 20 credit hours of instruction.

Graduated from the Institute of Appraisal of Personal Property. Able to provide appraisal services of personal property for estate or divorce settlements.

Works in conjunction with several auctioneers as well as conducting our own sales

“Thank you so much for your services.  It was a joy to watch a professional at work, making an extremely difficult task look easy and natural.  Your help and experience were invaluable to us.”

J. Reeve

“You far exceeded our expectations for the complete and professional service that you delivered”

Stanley Wolf

Sale Highlights

Common Questions

How do I select an auctioneer?

Most families or individuals will only use an auctioneer once or twice in their lifetime. It is important to select an auctioneer with integrity, product knowledge and respect. The auctioneer needs to know the products that you will be offering for sale. They should have an incredible reputation for integrity and honesty. The auctioneer should also be respectful of the personal property/real estate you have for sale. Watch how the auctioneer interacts and relates to people, both around a sale and in the community. Always ask for references. When you select a knowledgeable auctioneer, that has a reputation for honesty and gets along well with people, you are on your way to having a successful sale.

Why should I sell real estate at a public auction?

1. Your property will be sold as is. There is no inspections or contingencies that may hold up a closing. Sometimes, repairs are warranted after a property inspection. When selling at public auction, the real estate is sold that day with no contingencies.

2. Sell a desirable real estate property at auction creates competition among the bidders. This allows for the maximum price available.

3. Flexibility. As the seller, you determine the date you would like to have sale and you also set the closing date. 

4. Buyers provide a substantial, non-refundable down payment on sale day and you should have final settlement and payment within 45-60 days.

5. Competitive commission rates.

6. As the seller, you set the terms, not the buyer.  Also, there are no negotiations or price adjustments “after the sale.”