Been a great week.  I spent several days helping the Weber family prep for their upcoming estate sale on March 21.  Also received a call from an individual asking me to stop by and provide him an opinion on  the best method of disposing of his business assets.

Helping clients work through the process of a sale can be challenging but also rewarding.  Most individuals are only having a sale as a result of a life change.  Life changes come in many forms such as death of a spouse or loved one, downsizing to a care facility, financial loss, etc.  Since most sales involve a “collection” of items, it becomes very personal to sell those items and the emotions that can go along with the sale are very real and wide ranging.  Part of my job, as the auctioneer, is to guide my clients through those emotional events as we work toward the sale.  Sometimes, the most rewarding part of my day is spending time listening to a person share stories and memories about the personal items or the real estate that we will be offering for sale.

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